A growing company often has limited financial and human resources and must carefully select the markets on which it wishes to develop based on its abilities and competitive advantages. It often knows its products very well but does not know which clients are most likely to ensure its growth.

By using methods adapted for each individual company Bradeni, along with the client, defines the company's best positioning on the potential and niche markets where it should grow.

This development strategy can involve both a search for business partners and the internationalization of the company as well as recruiting and setting up a business structure.

The experience of Bradeni with young, growing companies allows it to offer its clients custom-fit strategic and operational solutions:

  • Drafting and evaluating a growth strategy
  • Assistance in looking for new partners or in obtaining financing
  • Drafting a business plan 
  • Defining management charts and performance indicators based on the company's strategy

    Examples of missions carried out by Bradeni


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